Greetings and thanks for visiting my website.  My name is Tarzan T66, (my full name was "Karbo Tarzan T66" in Australia) , and this is my website.  I am the only boer buck in the world that has his own web site and I hope that you enjoy visiting with me.  I am a 100% Full Blood South African Boer Buck that was conceived in South Africa and born in Australia. I am now living at Antelope Creek Ranch in Robert Lee, Texas.
     Through the miracles of reproduction technology my mother and father conceived me and produced an embryo which was flushed from my mother and frozen in a nitrogen tank in South Africa.  The man that mated my father to my mother in South Africa was C.J. duToit.  The nitrogen tank that contained me as a frozan embryo was flown from South Africa to Australia where the embryo that was to become me, was implanted into a
recipient doe at the Karbo Boer Goat Stud.  I am told that my ancestors include the famous South African Boer bucks Stallion and Popeye and also a huge South African Boer buck named Moord.  You can see pictures of some of my grandparents and greatgrandparents by clicking on the icon named "reference sires" at the bottom of this page or the "reference sires" icon on the antelopecreek.com website.  The website antelopecreek.com includes a lot of photos of me as well as more information about Antelope Creek Ranch, my home in America.     

     The recipient doe (my surrogate mother) held me for five months and gave birth to me.  She raised me like her own kid and when I was old enough to be weaned, I was put into a pasture with a bunch of other buck kids about my age where I grew into a fine young man.

     I was first used as a breeding buck for a commercial meat goat herd in Australia and I worked very hard to do my job.  I worked so hard that I lost quite a bit of weight and did not look too good.  In fact, I was skinny.  You might have called me a "lean, mean, breeding machine" at the time.  One day a man in Australia happened to be visiting the ranch where I was living at the time and he saw me in the pasture.  Even though I was pretty thin, this man could see the potential and my excellent conformation and structure.  The man bought me and took me to his ranch where I was treated like a King!  I was given the best of food and care and in a few months I was in such good shape that I began to attend boer goats shows in Australia.  I am happy to say that I think I did pretty well, at least that is what my owner seemed to think.  You can check out my showing winnings by by clicking on the icon "Tarzan T66's Winnings" at the bottom of this page.
     My best showing at a show in Australia was when I was declared the 2001 Australian National Reserve Champion Boer Buck.  That was one of the best days of my life and I will always remember it.  Everyone treated me as if I was something really special.  Besides my attendance at the national show, several of
my young sons also went to the show.  What many people have called my best son, Klein Tarzan, went to several shows in Australia with me and Klein Tarzan also won a lot of show awards.  You can see Klein Tarzan's show winnings by clicking on the icon :"Klein Tarzan's Winnings" at the bottom of this page.
     In 2002, Mr. Chris Glynos of Bethlehem Boer Goat Ranch in
Bethlehem, Connecticut made a call to Australia to inquire about buying Klein Tarzan and bringing him to America.  As the discussions progressed over several months it was decided that Chris would buy Klein Tarzan and that I was to go to America with Klein Tarzan.  A program was established whose purpose was to bring the newest boer goat genetics to the United States and to promote the genetics of the Tarzan T66 line.  Boy! Did this make me feel special!  A program designed to promote and advertise me and my kids!
     When it became time to come to America, Klein Tarzan and I spent 60 days in quarantine in Australia and then another 30 days in Los Angeles, California.  While in quarantine the food and care was great.  In fact, when we got on the trailer to make the long drive from California to Texas, Klein and I looked like
we were ready to go into the show ring.
     Fred Homeyer of Antelope Creek Ranch picked me and Klein Tarzan up in Wichita Falls, Texas for the final 200 mile drive to my new home, Antelope Creek Ranch in Robert Lee, TX.  When we arrived at Antelope Creek there were several people there to meet us and everyone wanted us to walk around the pen and pose.  It seems that people have been taking pictures of us for quite some time now so we have learned how to "pose for the camera and say cheese", except in my case I don't say cheese, I say haygrazer or alfalfa!
     Klein and I have been together all of our lives and I really enjoy having my son beside me at our new home.  I like living at Antelope Creek a lot.   I am surrounded by beautiful ladies and I get fresh water, fresh food and plenty of hay every day.  I spend the days enjoying the sunshine and having folks drop by the ranch for a visit.  I keep hearing people talk about breeding services and I think this has something to do with me. In any event people bring photos of some beautiful boer does and their pedigrees and I think that sometime soon I am going to get to meet some of these beautiful girls.
     When I first came to America I was owned jointly by several people but I understand that Antelope Creek and Fred Homeyer bought half of me a couple of weeks after my arrival. Around the first of May I overheard Fred talking to some people that had come to look at me and I heard Fred say that he had purchased the other half of me and now Antelope Creek Ranch is my proud owner.  Boy! It feels good to be wanted and appreciated!
     Fred comes by to check on me several times a day and he always has some kind words and some gentle petting on my shoulder and head.  I like living in Texas and I look forward to meeting some of you all (Y'all if you're from Texas) in the near future.  You can make an appointment to come see me by calling 325-944-2056.  Just tell them Tarzan T66 sent you!